Sunday, 31 January 2010

Sunday 31st Jan 2010. Upper Richmond Road, Putney, London SW15


These are actually quite spiky, and I wouldn't like to get tangled up in one, but I do like the generosity with which the line of commercial buildings pictured below offer themselves up to the street.

I also think they work pretty well en masse and, although variety is obviously the spice of life, I personally could quite happily imagine a whole district of this stuff, cascading bushes, recessed pointing, dark window frames and all.

Some draconian planning laws will be needed to achieve this of course, enforcing a strictly limited palette of materials, maximum building heights etc, which is all starting to sound a bit Poundburyesque...and is probably unhealthy.


One lovely thing about this chilly and in many ways depressing time of year is the poetry of the leafless tree.


Obviously this is the back of a building. Except it isn't. I checked.

Perhaps this nice mural is compensating for lack of refinement in the detailing elsewhere?

It seems today i've been holding my camera consistently about 1 degree out of level, and although i've been too lazy to correct this in photoshop i do promise to square my sh*t up next time

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