Thursday, 7 October 2010

'What Will Tomorrow Bring' - 12.00 Sunday 24th October
Meeting outside Marino's Cafe, 31 Rathbone Place, London W1T

We're pleased to be able to offer the chance to take part in David Head's excellent 'What Will Tomorrow Bring' audio walk on Sunday 24th October - the idea being that we all meet up with David at noon outside Marino's cafe in Fitzrovia, do the walk (which lasts 35 mins) and then go for refreshment in a pub nearby.

The walk presents a poetic vision of the changes time has visited upon the fabric of this fascinating part of the city, and takes in along the way anarchist terror cells, the wild men of Vorticism, and a lonely Boy George pondering his life from a rooftop...

Anyone wishing to take part will need to make themselves know to me directly at - including a mailing address - so a CD can be provided to you. You can then either use this with a portable CD player or transfer the file to your Ipod/MP3 player.

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