Friday, 31 December 2010

You Are the Quarry

Today I made it down to the Nine Elms Road and it's environs and found such a lot of good stuff that it'll probably take a few posts to get through it all....

As suspected not much activity to report at the power on to the first stop, the '...low bunker-like Royal Mail sorting office' on Nine Elms Lane -  which presents itself to the very busy Lane dressed in a lovely irridescent engineering brick with recessed pointing, dark framed windows etc etc.  The larger part of the building by far sits back from the brick facadism in the form of a hulking gridded black glass shed but the whole thing works quite well together by dint of it's low slung moody darkness plus the odd flash of colour (eg the Royal Mail logo and the yellow bay doors).

Inching on from the Royal Mail toward Vauxhall, we find to our surprise that the excellent, demolished and previously noted HMSO has not yet gone completely.

Indeed, if one sneaks round the back there are still some good bits left...

...sloping plinth, crinkly tin, primary colours and even grass-crete.
Me likey.

To get that amazing grass-crete shot, I had to walk round Jack Barclay's Bentley Service Centre and, on the way there, found this touching detail, framing a fire door, in front of a fence, looking onto a service road, leading to the back of a post office:

And I'd bet my house that an architect is responsible for this little piece of poetry, working for tuppence ha'penny and probably shining Jack Barclay's hub-caps on the weekend out of the goodness of his heart.

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