Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Warwick Quadrant, Redhill, Surrey (1985)

I didn't have time for a proper look around Redhill but was drawn toward it by the feeling that there might be something there better than the heritage default that seems to dominate the areas surrounding it.
The best I could do in the time available was the Warwick Quadrant which doesn't exactly kick the ball out of the park but it is at least not cringing in the shadow of anything and I did quite enjoy the very 80's Po-Mo arcade, which has a good scale and some civic intention, plus it's got a library and a theatre within, like a jaunty Trumpton Barbican.
The 'brick plus red metal windows' is a style I'm quite fond of too although it was more commonly used for fire stations than culture palaces. How comfortable those rugged fire fighters feel in their toy-town HQ's is something that irritates my mind, from time to time.
there's drama in that canopy

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