Thursday, 3 November 2011

Clapham South Tube Station

Not the correct title for the whole building but with my copy of Woodward & Jones being buried in storage until our building works are done 'tis the best I can do for now.

I never used to think anything of it but it's really a grower...with something sawn-off and flinty about the facades

The windows are of course original that their original colour?  Is it good or bad??


  1. Although the block is pictured in my 1992 Jones & Woodward, the text only mentions the Holden stations.

    The block above the station is called Westbury Court. A Clapham Society newsletter last year suggested that the architect was Edmund Cavanagh FRIBA.

    There was a Wordpress blog for Westbury Court but it has been taken down

    Can't find much about Cavanagh except for an architect of the same name who was declared bankrupt in 1940- then living in Streatham .

  2. Interesting to read that it was originally mainly city flats for music hall types, not its current demographic I don't think.

    Now, if I ever end up being declared bankrupt and moving to Streatham I'd buy a flat at Marqueen Towers, 612-618 Streatham High Road and not feel like I'd done too badly (see Jan 2011 post for full disclosure)

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