Friday, 20 April 2012

Balham High Road

Apart from the obviously Rossi-esque Tuscan hill town references, and the ventilation grilles and that chimney cowel I also like the asymmetric angle thing going on here and the way it's been applied to the bay windows as well as the roof - although I'm sure you all spotted that already. 


  1. It is rather civilised, isn't it - Balham High Street has precious few rival attractions.

    All I could find when I was trying to find something about it a few years ago was a planning decision letter of 1984 addressed to Terence Woram Associates of Lebanon Park, Twickenham.

    No, I've never heard of him either:

  2. They seem to still exist (although not Terence sadly) but aren't answering the 'phone at 5.30 on a friday. Will try again next week.

    1. The architect on 26-36 BHR was indeed Terence Woram and I was his assistant. TW is pretty much retired now, but was a partner with Green Lloyd Adams during the 70s. He designed a number of residential schemes across London in a distinctive style based on dark multi-stock brick with clipped detailing, including Putney Bridge north, Earls Court Road, Clapham Alver Bank and Northwood. The warden's house at BHR has a weathervane with a gate motiff pointing south as a nod to Tony Hancock.


      Jez Fisher

    2. Sorry, meant Peter Sellars, not Tony Hancock. JF

    3. ah yes, 'gateway to the south' and all that! Thanks for getting in touch Jez. Do you have any images of the other projects you mention, or more specific addresses as would be interested to see them.

  3. The Putney scheme is called Swanbank Court, and it's hard to miss if you come out of Putney Bridge tube station and walk towards the river. I think the exterior has been recently refurbished as well. JF