Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Park Hill, London SW4

I always admire this small estate when I pass by and have quite likely posted an image or two before but thought would stutter-out what I like about it in more detail. I'll adopt a list format:

1. Dark brick and dark roof tile (which you can't see!)
2. in-out modelling of the facades/blocks
3. how the facades look a bit classical from one angle and a bit modern from another.
4. the concrete cills which double as little planters under some of the larger windows
5. white windows, panelling and fencing - showing that not all window frames need to be dark (although they almost always look better this way)
6.the slim strips of exposed concrete which i guess either are concrete lintols or an allusion to them

There are two other estates that I can think of which successfully combine dark brick and white windows.  This one off the Peckham Road, below, which deserves a post of its own in due course.
The other is the Lennox Estate in SW15 which also has crisp concrete banding contrasting with the dark brick and nice proportions to the vertical elements.  Images here, Will Faichney's excellent record of UK council housing stock + well balanced commentary.


  1. Great blog you have here, and thankyou very much for including links from my flickr, really appreciate that!

    Will Faichney

    1. No problem Will.

      Have you photographed many of the 'ground-scraper' type estates, eg, Alexandra Road or Lillington Gardens, or the Peckham estate pictured in the post above?

      I think they're often very interesting and wonder if they and their communities have been less subject to demolition/relocation than the tower blocks??

  2. I tend to be into the taller estates, but have an interest in all forms of social housing. The pre-war red brick estates are among my favourites, particularly the White City Estate. As for the ones you describe, I do photograph some. This has made me want to pay more attention to them. One recent one I can think of is the Silwood Estate in Surrey Quays.

  3. i noticed that one in your Estates set but couldn't locate it via Streetview anywhere on Silwood Street.
    The water towers (assuming that's what they are) are a pretty unusual feature