Sunday, 17 July 2011

the shard and around and about

So here's the Shard, well on it's way to impaling the sky...
Not a very nice word to look at - 'Shard', is it? Sort of like a hard shark.
We'd had two pints of fairly weak bitter before arriving at the site and I got quite excited about the manhattan like perspective of this view...
I still think it's quite good though.  Why shouldn't we have lots more really tall buildings in the centre of town?
Here's Thomas Heatherwick's thing at Guys Hospital.  Let's call it 'The Girdle'.
Shard and Girdle together.
I had no idea how much stuff had been built around the nearby Mayoral HQ...all a bit coldly corporate but well executed and replete with a lot of public space... and one very nice Miesian glassy thing.

This is quite a tight radius for double glazing - about 250mm 
And here's a massive brick thing.

And here's the coning tower of Guys.  Marvelous.
A thing with wonky boxes...
...and an overscale white trussed beam that makes me think of Ghostbusters.


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