Monday, 4 July 2011

Where Am I??



No mate, Beaufort Street, London SW3.

It's a Catholic Church of course and closed on a friday lunchtime.

Here's another, also Catholic (though it doesn't look it), also closed.

Iglesia Ni Cristo - Parkgate Road, London SW11

Having posted recently on George Shaw (didn't get to that talk, dammit) and David Rayson and pondered the likelihood of their aesthetic entering the pantheon of contemporary architecture...breath...I was excited to find this little estate on the boundaries of Wandsworth and Lambeth which seems to achieve just that.  It reminds me a lot of the H-block estate mentioned in previous 'Bungalows' post but is even less knowingly modernist...whilst still being modernist enough.

 The above is not really typical but it gives me a chance to lecture you about the wildly different effect that pointing-types have on their host brick.  Here, recessed versus 'bucket handle'.

Somehow all the visual clutter and personalisation seems to enhance this place.

Just realised I've selected photos with very little visual clutter...lets see...try this

That's natural slate there, by the way.  Quality material.

I also like the very low pitch of the roofs and how that makes them look flat from a lot of angles plus the eave/gutter detail, so slender it almost looks wrong.

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