Thursday, 4 August 2011

The London Eye, Lambeth. Completed 1999/2000.

I'm probably being a snob about this considering how misty eyed I get thinking about the Eiffel Tower but, much as I admire it's execution, I'm not terribly fond of its presence.
Wikipedia tells me it was the highest observation wheel in the world when built, subsequently to be surpassed by this
'The Star of Nanchang'
Which itself was then deuced by....
'The Singapore Flyer'


  1. Mentioning French connections, I was in London this week and noticed that it now seems to be marketed as the EDF London Eye. Maybe not French engineering, but a French sponsor anyway!

  2. Hi Adam. Yes EDF now although it's been through a few different sponsors. Wiki says the pods where made in France by the way.

    Being a Brit in Paris do you have any feelings on London Eye vs Tour Eiffel? Any preference? Steve

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