Tuesday, 2 August 2011

New Court, City of London, UK - OMA 2011

I've added that 'UK' to the title above as I note about 50% of the people reading this blog are not based in the UK, although you probably guessed by now that I wasn't talking about City of London, USA, right?

Rem Koolhaas's new HQ for Rothchild's investment bank is, I think - cool - but in a refreshing, dive into a crystal spring kind of way, rather than an aloofly yawning kind of way.

If you look at the OMA web page for the project it looks a bit like a different building and I think it's really more tightly wedged-in amongst the existing buildings than their images imply - although I may have missed a key angle.
Actually I did get one of the building's signature 'box on top'.


  1. Box on top a nod to Lasdun's Institute of Education rooftop, perhaps?

  2. Hi Matt. Could be. I must get round to a bit more Lasdun. Just noticed that Google's satellite view of the Institute catches a plane flying over. Guess it's probably quite common but never seen this before myself - looks like it's hovering over Russell Square Gardens.