Wednesday, 18 July 2012

loose ends

This I believe is the Darwin Building, it's next to the Royal Albert Hall in London (in case you were wondering) but I can't tell you any more about it than that.  Perhaps because there are several buildings named after the same obscure evolutionary scientist, googlesearching hasn't turned anything up, although I confess I didn't look for so long.

Here are a few blurry and inadequate photos of the Shard on the occassion of its inauguration.

and here's a building adjacent to it which looks like a stage set from an Alien film.  I guess it's all temporary works but bit baffling as looks so heavy duty...


  1. The Darwin building was designed for the Royal College of Art by HT Cadbury Brown in 1960-61

    I was delighted to discover that the listing description confirms what I though was a folk myth is true! The brick colour was chosen to match the soot covered Albert Hall Mansions by Norman Shaw on the other side of the Hall, but unfortunately some spoilsport had the Mansions sandblasted leaving the Darwin looking decidedely out of place.