Tuesday, 7 August 2012


The north coast of Crete is quite a good place for the in-situ concrete fancier due to the large number of unfinished or part finished villas/apartment complexes with their concrete frames exposed and infill blocks still un-rendered.
Almost all of this kind of thing, whether finished or not, seems to promise further development by leaving re-enforcement bars exposed topside.  
Didn't manage to get very good examples of the type but quite common to see the buildings either inhabited below with plans for expansion above or, vice-a-versa...
This quite large development facing directly onto the sea was in various states of non-completion and decay...with plumbed in marble bathrooms at the back, just a shell at the front and empty unfinished pool...
Improvised chicken coop against the ground floor walls
Had it been completed the complex would have been i think more Po-Mo than Modernist but in the unfinished state is a weird mix of post,early and late modernism.

Anyone wanting a version of the below in the Greater London area please feel free to contact me....(slide & swings optional)

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  1. Found it quite hard to maintain an appropriate level of decorum in Northern Crete. Too much half built concrete in need of adoption and / or saving from a postmodern fate.

    Somewhere amongst the enthusiastic half-development there might yet be some interesting and complete midcentury examples.