Monday, 11 February 2013

Architect@work, Earls Court 2, London Jan 30th

 4pm        HANS KOLLHOFF
                Arch Alexander Pols
                'The tectonics of prefabricated masonry in modern high-rise'

Examples of prefabricated brick facades from the office of Hans Kollhoff in the Netherlands.
We love urban buildings that are solid and we love tectonic facades that express how the weight is being transferred tot the ground. Brick and traditional masonry is in countries like The Netherlands and United Kingdom the traditional material used for centuries. By showing realized projects such as the towers of the Ministries of Justice and the Interior in The Hague, Alexander Pols will show how Kallhoff Architects expresses the craftmanship and appearance of traditional masonry in large projects were brick - for reasons of time and cost effectiveness - has been reduced to a thin outer skin on concrete slabs.


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