Saturday, 27 November 2010

Burntwood Lane, London SW18

It was possible to see through the perforated metal sheeting on this house and instead of the stripped out shell I expected, the room appeared to be fully furnished which makes me wonder if the same secret lies behind the bricked up windows and doors of the other houses...
...and if the car is still in the garage?


  1. Something impossibly ominous about this. Was this done as some sort of time capsule? Art perhaps? I love the blog btw, I am a big fan of Brutalism myself, and it takes a keen eye to see the beauty in it.

    Also why aren't there any sexy pictures on this blog?

  2. my current theory is because there's NOTHING SEXY ABOUT ARCHITECTURE although I'd be happy to entertain other theories, particularly if they come with pictures which might help improve my webstats (not that the stats are soooooooo bad, btw, before you picture me weeping noiselessly in an empty room)