Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Joining the Dots

Despite the fact that the new Blackberry produces images which look like they've been through six of Photoshop's fiercest filters, I do really like the results.

Don't judge this from the shots of Maison Jaoul below - which are also overexposed and under focused.... but the pictures of Churchill College - if you enlarge them -  hopefully show you what I mean.

In terms of lineage Corbusier's Maison Jaoul (1954) might be the proud parent of most of the gritty brick and concrete works covered by this blog to-date and so for this reason needs to be represented with an image or two, poor as they may be.  It's relation to Richard Sheppard's impressive Churchill College Cambridge (1968) - which we visited a couple of weeks back - I think is pretty clear.

This week I've been enjoying Jonathan Glancey's entertaining '20th Century Architecture' and notice that as of 1998 Peter Palumbo - champion of Sterling and Gowan's No.1 Poultry - was the owner of Maison J.




Although the Sports Pavilion (above) looks a bit like it was
designed by a different architect it is, in fact, original and by Sheppard. 

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