Tuesday, 9 November 2010

The Power of Nostalgia

By the miracle of the inter-library loan I recently got hold of a copy of Jonny Rodgers' book on Gillespie Kidd and Coia from the Glasgow School or Art and so have been gorging on heavily modelled loadbearing brickwork all week.

Anyone without a library card should not despair though as there are a lot of images available via Flickr.

One incedental thing that I was reminded of looking at the images of a 70's housing estate the firm built in Milton Keynes was the risk that nostalgia poses when trying to assess architecture from photographs.  First have a look at the image link above then follow this to find it on Streetview to see what I mean.

Steve C.


  1. We're lucky enough to live close to several monumental GKC buildings.

    There is also a housing estate nearby although it was far less successful and has been largely bastardised over the years.

  2. hi Cyclo - which ones are you near?