Friday, 19 March 2010

B&B's first ever visit was to have been to Mondial House on the north bank of the Thames near Canon Street Station, but this didn't happen because it had been demolished shortly before. Below are a few bits and pieces related to MH, in no particular order of merit of consequence...

MH the music video... ('the world's building website) credit the building to Hubbard, Ford and Partners and classify it as Brutalist.

Hubbard, Ford and Partners also built Cale Cross House, near Gateshead.

'The building was designed futuristically, with state-of-the-art concrete and white plastic cladding surrounding a huge building of 57,000 square metres. ' (BT founded '')

'Watermark Place is the new 10 floor office and retail development designed by Fletcher Priest Architects for banking giant, UBS. The site is currently occupied by the infamous Mondial House, a 70s building shaped almost like a computer that was planned to have been the biggest switching house in Europe.' (

Whilst in former Estates Gazette Editor Peter Bill's view the new Fletcher Priest design scheme is 'deeply undistinguished', he has this to say about Mondial House...
'The decision to take Watermark Place was both technical (two sources of power supply thanks to the legacy of the even uglier BT building, Mondial House, that used to sit on the site) and political: OK, let's all get everyone together in the one spot, even though it is not such a nice spot.