Tuesday, 25 March 2014

and the devil said....

‘...build me the best building in the world!’



Unless anyone cares to enlighten me in the meantime I’ll follow up later with some google-age in relation to this fabulous construction.


FW: covent garden

The New Covent Garden Market must, one assumes, be under some pressure to turn from the useful, dirty, smelly and functional place it is,  into a zipped up, blank, semi-inhabited, resi-desert.  Probably the deals are already done, you’d have to tell me, but in the meantime try to imagine integrating a bit of this into the matrix.

bare grilles

Of the many things from the 1970s that I would re-introduce to the modern world, ventilation grilles are up there at the top of the list, especially ones with locking doors and ninety degree corners.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Richard Deacon at Tate Britain until 27th April

If 'Constructivist' didn't already mean something else then I'd use it to describe the works on show here which are graceful expressions of their own construction with a high degree of refinement but no pandering to good taste.