Monday, 28 November 2011

Friday, 25 November 2011

Gay Paris

Yes, back beside the Seine again last weekend, sun a-shining and have no idea what these really are but ain't they grand?
Have some characteristics of Victorian social housing but maybe its a bit too fancy for that.  It's close to the Gare du Lyon.
Had the strange experience of staying two nights in a building (Novotel Gare Du Lyon) which I half liked and half didn't. It seemed torn between two decades (no prizes for guessing the decade I was interested in) although all in all it was well executed, vigerous and all that....

actually it's not bad is it?
nice tiles

Penwith Manor, Kennington, London SE11


And side.


I posted a month or so ago about how much I was enjoying Lana Del Rey's Video Games but what I didn't say was that the damn song then went on permanent repeat in my brain for at least two weeks, and I still catch myself humming it now.

So what is it with these earworms?  I don't remember ever having this problem for the years and years I've been listening to pop music, so why now? 

Same thing happened with Fame Monster. Any thoughts?

Clapham High Road, London SW4

Look at this little chap!

Thinking about galv finish for new windows at our place...

Wandsworth, London SW17

Most planning authorities would have a problem with this building in this context if you wanted to build it today.

Fortunately it has already been built, and I for one am glad to see something staying within the spirit of the context whilst still keeping its chin up.

Some london planning authorities have lists for such occurences which they call 'eyesores'. Of which more later...
maybe the tarp could go though....

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Clapham South Tube Station

Not the correct title for the whole building but with my copy of Woodward & Jones being buried in storage until our building works are done 'tis the best I can do for now.

I never used to think anything of it but it's really a grower...with something sawn-off and flinty about the facades

The windows are of course original that their original colour?  Is it good or bad??