Monday, 28 May 2012


Barbican related photos were all taken during visit last week to Clerkenwell Design Week, didn't really have much time to look around but was liking this:

pendant light by Nigel Coates for Mazzega

and this, author unknown...


am I right in thinking this (adjacent to Barbican Estate) is a Lasdun building??

no marks for originality but...

...if you're walking past with a camera in your pocket...

 part of the Golden Lane Estate peeking over the Goswell Road bit of the Barbican
 same orientation but from inner court
the back side of the above yellow tower, facing onto rear courtyard - assuming this is a single, split level flat - single orientation?? with basement??

barbican towers from goswell road and detail of one of towers

Posting these shots reminded me of Craig Harrison's brilliant Trellick Tower photos which have been re-admiring this morning


Am starting to get addicted to mirror glazing and would be happy to post any images people care to send me on this a few at Darbourne & Darke's Lillington Gardens in Pimlico;

Thursday, 10 May 2012

South Lambeth Revisited

picking up where I left off...
 don't think i've ever seen more industrial eclesiastical than this nr Camberwell Green
 couldn't get shots from the front but can assure you it's a church...
another bus depot
Southwyk House, Brixton - has an interesting history which you can read here with an antidote to the 'ugly' jibes here.
Haven't been able to find a section through the building - am wondering what's the rationale behind those wavy folds... 

a pretty run-down nursery on the inside of the blocks

Tuesday, 8 May 2012


high design in the low countries...
this is the architect's own home-office, you can see more on the modestly presented website which looks to me like an updating of a lot of the post-rationalist brick minimalism i'm so fond of...
There's also a fair bit of the Millenium Style, in this case both more sturdily constructed and more painstakingly designed than the UK versions...
Each decade since at least the 70s seems to have been allowed to boldly stamp it's mark right into the heart of the historic centre which seems appropriate as the HS was pretty OTT from the get-go. There must be a few people sitting in the city hall murmering about 'toning things down a bit'...
 sorry to say most of the po-mo is looking really awful (above and below excluded)
 whilst the gritty 70's endure....

graffiti on side of tower block taken during our canal boat trip - the blocks lay in what the guide called  the 'multi-cultural' area of city, just beyond the boundary of our excursion.
last random shots...

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Filip Dujardin

interlude before returning to the streets of south lambeth...

images in the 'fictions' section of the site have been quite widely published but there are loads you might not have seen before.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

south lambeth april 2012

finally a sunny day after weeks of rain and the chance to have a look around some new parts of Lambeth

 sculptural fire ladders at the Stambourne House estate,
 and a loverly courtyard

I'm going to start a collection of .... 'ESTATE PUBS'
more Stambourne...
 ...Stockwell Garage.
 ...difficult to take a bad photo of the inside of this building 

 puts me in mind of Hadid's Maxxi - and although that building is not quite as structurally honest it's not just a bus shed either...

Keybridge house, peeking out from behind the london stock victoriana 
another addition to the NEW BRICK TO MATCH EXISTING sub-blog
 new sub-blog THE MILLENIUM STYLE BRITISH VERNACULAR (not a terribly catchy title is it?)


last one for today - oval amulance station - upvc you are a bstard.