Tuesday, 1 May 2012

south lambeth april 2012

finally a sunny day after weeks of rain and the chance to have a look around some new parts of Lambeth

 sculptural fire ladders at the Stambourne House estate,
 and a loverly courtyard

I'm going to start a collection of .... 'ESTATE PUBS'
more Stambourne...
 ...Stockwell Garage.
 ...difficult to take a bad photo of the inside of this building 

 puts me in mind of Hadid's Maxxi - and although that building is not quite as structurally honest it's not just a bus shed either...

Keybridge house, peeking out from behind the london stock victoriana 
another addition to the NEW BRICK TO MATCH EXISTING sub-blog
 new sub-blog THE MILLENIUM STYLE BRITISH VERNACULAR (not a terribly catchy title is it?)


last one for today - oval amulance station - upvc you are a bstard.


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