Monday, 18 January 2010

17th Jan 2010 Farnham, Surrey

You'll need to zoom in on the photo but here's what I like about this...

1. dark window frames
2. brick soldier course 'plinth' - even though i'm not sure it's working very well
3. chamfered brick on edge window cills
4. the way the side gate is surrounded by a kind of flying buttress which morphs seamlessly into the facade
5. funky font and random positioning of '13' and 'Flat 1' - and that it's black
6. blackness of the roofing tiles.
7. corbelled eaves gable
8. the way the party wall projects up in a highly positive manner and the jagged lead flashing

If I were commissioned to tidy it up a bit here's what I'd do:

1. change the front door and paint it black
2. have a look at what's going on with that lead panel above the front door and paint those three horizontal bars black
3. paint the gate to 'no.4', you guessed it, black (and change their letter box)
4. change the velux for one of these.
5. do a stepped lead flashing on the other party wall
6. move the bin out of shot before taking the photo for my portfolio

1 comment:

  1. Don't bother making a beeline for Farnham Town Centre as this building has been comprehensively fucked up now, with the blessing of the local planning department, who obviously don't take their own Conservation Areas very seriously.