Sunday, 19 September 2010

A few fragments from the last two weeks...

Firstly a rarity - at least in terms of availability of images on the web - from Brazil's Paulo Mendes Da Rocha. (*actually by Arch. Alberto Linner - see comments section below)

As far as I know it's in San Jose, Costa Rica but if anyone can provide other information, images, plans etc I'd love to receive them.

I'm afraid I can't remember where I found this image but if it's yours please let me know and I'll credit you!

Next up - a BT facility (telephone exchange?) near Wimbledon. Pressed metal sheeting I feel is an under-used material in the urban environment.

And lastly an exciting-urban-space-in-central-Wandsworth shocker, namely the Wandsworth Bridge Road roundabout, which is strangely both enhanced and slightly spoiled by the extravagant central advertising hoarding.


  1. The first picture in your post is actually showing a building in San Jose / Costa Rica. I myself took a couple of pictures of it.

  2. Fantastic Mathias - have been trying to track this building down for ages - thanks so much! I guess you didn't get inside but do you know what it is used for? Offices & apartments I guess?

  3. Hi, my name in Juan Cardenas, I'm a Costa Rican architect. This building that you're posting is the Caja Costarricense del Seguro Social building, is like our national medical insurance headquarters. Anyway, the name of architect who design this building is Alberto Linner (Costa Rican architect who studied in Mexico).
    It's for me one of the most beautiful modern buildings in costa Rica.

    Some pics

    1. Thank you very much Juan and sorry for the mis-attribution! Great to see so many good images of the building finally and agree it is really beautiful.

  4. Please rectify the architect's name, the attribution of this sore in the eye to the Brazilian Prizker Prize winner is not a happy favor. Sadly it will be more difficult to offset it in my home city San Jose!

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