Wednesday, 4 May 2011


This John Simm and Jim Broadbent 3 parter, which screened its final episode last night, seemed to have a good eye for architecture and an unusually egalitarian approach to the fabric of the main locations, these being the 'aspirational' eighties estate of detached pitched roofed brick houses where Simm's best mate lived and his Dad's larger Victorian house with it's lantern-like front porch.

In it's portrayal of the estate it put me in mind of David Rayson's unswerving stare - and made me wonder to what extent (if at all) this aesthetic has been assimilated into the architectural mainstream.. - but the fact that the more middle class home of the journalist's family was treated with equal care and, one might even say, affection...was a refreshing surprise.

There's also a pretty funny hallway scene in which a magnificent hardwood newel post seems poised to join in with the dialogue like a shiny wooden muppet.

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