Friday, 27 January 2012

Philpot Square, London SW6

This mini-estate is super well kept.
As is usual for this type of development, the well designed central spaces were completely devoid of life.  Not that that's an entirely bad thing because they are lovely to look out on from within...but probably not what the designers expected.
 I'm getting fond of these lil' maps.  Not fond enough to do a study, obviously, but maybe someone else should do a study of them.  En-mass they'd make a great wallpaper, or textile...what about that Brutalis T eXile??

If I had a wide angle lense or knew how to operate a camera, the beauty of this space might have come across better, but maybe you can still see it a bit?  I love these leafless winter shots.
The scaffold poles are working that elevation well.
that's a better one.
A so-called architect friend has just peered over my shoulder and declared this 'okay' .

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