Sunday, 12 August 2012

Fashion & Textile Museum, Bermonsey High St, London SE1, Ricardo Legorreta

A jolly dollop of Barrigan in Bermondsey.

The render is not very good, I should warn you.  Apparently we're crap at rendering in the UK.

And that brings an end to this Sunday's exporation of London SE1, which as you can see from the preceding posts not only encouraged me to post on subjects from beyond the 1970s but also included buildings of unusually high ranking.  Add to this that before home time we managed a quick look round the newly opened 'Tanks' of the Tate Modern and that they are extremely impressive and you'll understand I now need to catch my breath and take stock....but before I do... I will leave you with a bit of prime Victorian railway architecture brickwork  because - you lucky people - I'M AN UNBELIEVABLY GENEROUS GUY.


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