Sunday, 24 April 2011

Brunswick Park Junior School, 1958-61, Stirling and Gowan

I discovered this building thanks to Edward Jones and Christopher Woodward's 'A guide to the Architecture of London' and spent a pleasant meandering morning reaching it through a cornucopia of interesting urbanity on a beautiful sunny pre-easter saturday.

Subsequently, my interest in Stirling rekindled, I very much enjoyed a ramble through Iqbal Aalam's Flickr images and notes on Stirling's work which renewed my resolve to see more of his buildings and particularly the (obvious but essential) Leicester Engineering Faculty.

Amongst the discussion that IA's images generated was some speculation on the value of Sterling's exploration of Po-Mo with the verdict seeming to be that it was probably a wrong turn...which I wouldn't totally disagree with in the sense that in some cases (No1.Poultry for example) the classical referencing seems to have become an end in itself, but at Brunswick Park the imagery (maybe I can call it narrative imagery?) seems integral to architectural concept as a whole.

Specifically I'm thinking of the 'hill-fort' grass banks and especially the Di-Chirico-esque high corner chimney stack with its long red pot which reminds me so much of Aldo Rossi's work although possibly pre-dates it by several years?

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  1. I went to Brunswick Park School in the late 70s-mid 80s.This was our dinner hall and gym. Brings back memories.