Thursday, 10 May 2012

South Lambeth Revisited

picking up where I left off...
 don't think i've ever seen more industrial eclesiastical than this nr Camberwell Green
 couldn't get shots from the front but can assure you it's a church...
another bus depot
Southwyk House, Brixton - has an interesting history which you can read here with an antidote to the 'ugly' jibes here.
Haven't been able to find a section through the building - am wondering what's the rationale behind those wavy folds... 

a pretty run-down nursery on the inside of the blocks

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  1. Sacred Heart RC Church in Camberwell is an odd 'un. It was designed in the 1950s to replace a bombed out church by Donald Plaskett Marshall but looks like something out of 1930s Holland.

    A lot of their work for the RC dioceses of Westminster and Southwark is uninspired, but this one, and the German Catholic St Boniface's in Whitechapel are certainly out of the ordinary.